primal and naked 原始与赤裸-凯发集团娱乐

primal and naked 原始与赤裸-凯发集团娱乐

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primal and naked 原始与赤裸-新锐艺术家推荐展
2023-08-09 09:51:13 来源:中国焦点日报网

策展人:王玥童(chelsea wang)

参展艺术家:吴沛垠(jane wu)、翁可欣(tina weng)、印安(angel yin)、庄静楠(nancy zhuang)


开放时间:周二-周日 10:00-18:00

地址:北京市朝阳区798艺术区七星中街古纳文化二层 lce gallery


8月5日,lce gallery携手四位新锐艺术家和策展人,通过并置她们的个人表达,呈现了一个年轻而又自由的艺术场域。

四位艺术家以个体为单位,通过作品表明自己的立场和态度:翁可欣(tina weng)试图用自我身体的概念作为创作元素来取得与世界的连接;吴沛垠(jane wu)和印安(angel yin)的灵感则更多地来源于自然和日常,她们都渴望通过创作找寻真正的自我;庄静楠(nancy zhuang)尝试与情绪交好,再用颜色和线条全部释放出来;而策展人王玥童(chelsea wang)则巧妙地从中提取出了还原的主题,让这场展览倒带至最原始和赤裸的部分……



—— 旺珍|lce gallery

lce gallery collaborates with four emerging female artists and curators to create a young and free art space by juxtaposing their personal expressions.

each artist expresses their stance and attitude through their individual works. tina weng attempts to establish a connection with the world through the concept of her own body. jane wu and angel yin find inspiration from nature and daily life as they seek to discover their true selves through their creations. nancy zhuang explores emotions and releases them through colors and lines. curator chelsea wang cleverly extracts the theme of restoration, taking the exhibition back to its most primal and raw essence.

the participating artists and curators were all born after the millennium, and have grown up in the west, resulting in a youthful artistic style. in their expressions, they emphasize exploration of individual languages, presenting a more "self-oriented" approach. however, this does not mean that they no longer care about external matters unrelated to personal emotions. their self-expression is not in opposition to collectivism, but rather serves as a supplement and correction to the abstraction of group experiences. after experiencing a broader world, they turn inward, not in defiance of reality, but to embrace it with a more authentic self.

in art history, exhibitions featuring female artists are not uncommon. as early as 1943, marcel duchamp curated an opening exhibition titled "thirty-one women" at the art of this century gallery in new york. with the rise of feminism, exhibitions focusing on "women" as a theme have become more prevalent in contemporary art, becoming an unavoidable perspective in art history writing and research. this diverse perspective is also what lce gallery aims to convey to its audience.

as a completely female art exhibition, "primitive and naked" inevitably showcases the female body, expresses subjective experiences as women, and constructs self-realization as women, regardless of whether the artists' intentions are related to gender discussions. through their works, viewers can deeply understand and pay attention to the interaction between young women and society in the context of contemporary culture.

in conclusion, art creation cannot be separated from life or the experiences influenced by gender. the artists extract issues from their unique life experiences, starting from themselves, constantly contemplating, and finally returning to reality to present their artistic works to the audience, hoping to evoke common understanding and resonance.

— written by wang zhen( art critic)




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